Our Team

Giving On Another Level (G.O.A.L) stemmed from a group of girlfriends who coined themselves #goaldiggers. Dana Jordan saw a need in our community. She decided it was time for her group of friends to come together to have a meeting discussing where and how they can help. On a Saturday afternoon, sitting around Dana’s dining room table, this group committed themselves to their own personal and professional goals and made a commitment to each other, to hold one another accountable for reaching their goals.  These #goaldiggers understood that action and accountability go hand-in-hand.  One of the common passions shared amongst the #goaldiggers is advocacy, by giving back to their local community where the community needs them most. 

In June 2016, G.O.A.L teamed up with another organization to feed the local unsheltered community, every Sunday, in Manassas, VA. This service project of feeding the unsheltered not only allowed the #goaldiggers their opportunity to give back, but it allowed them to witness first-hand the needs our local community. Giving On Another Level cares to love without boundaries.  Our community needs this support. 


Dana Jordan

Dana Jordan, President, Principal Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and one of the Founding members of G.O.A.L, is dedicated to the day-to-day operations of helping this group to organize and come together on more projects in the future. Dana has a passion for people and uses any spare time to focus on new ways to help the community.   

Dana is a native resident of Manassas, VA and a proud graduate of Osbourn, High School. Dana's desire to help others stems from her firm belief that all individuals, regardless of their background, income, or education, should have the right to basic life necessities, to include; food, water, and permanent shelter. Her eagerness to help through community service was found while being a member of The Future Business Leaders of America. Dana is currently a member of The First Baptist Church of Manassas and is delighted that her church plays a vital role in our local community.   

Dana understands that it is her duty to be a blessing to those in need.  One of her favorite hashtags, outside of #goaldiggers is #blessedtobeablessing! 

Cassandra Baldwin

Cassandra J. Baldwin a native New Yorker by way of Virginia,  is one of the founding members of Giving On Another Level. Cassandra serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors. In this role, Cassandra is responsible for supporting the Board President; in the absence or disability of the president she will serve as the designated backup. Community service has always been a key commitment in Cassandra's life. She holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University. She brings knowledge and insight gained through personal as well as professional experiences. Cassandra has worked with multiple community agencies in the education arena and is an active member of the United States Air Force Reserves.

Tareva Graham

Tareva Graham, Co-Chairman and a founding member of G.O.A.L., is the one that spearheaded the #goaldiggers advocacy arm by encouraging them to volunteer at the local homeless camp. As Co-Chairman Tareva assists the lead Chairman with the Board of Director meetings while ensuring the Board of Director meetings are compliant with the Foundation Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  She is a native of Manassas, Virginia where she has been employed by Prince William County Schools for over 10 years. Tareva’s position as a Special Education Instructional Assistant allows her to educate, encourage and empower students with a variety of disabilities. She teaches them how to overcome life’s challenges while focusing on how to set goals for the future. Along with being an active Girl Scout Guardian and Founder of Middle School Girl's Group, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in General Education (K- 8th grade) as well as a degree in Arts for Special Education  from Western Governors University. Tareva is thrilled to take on this new endeavor that focuses on educating while empowering the homeless as well as the less fortunate, by providing them the proper resources that will help to promote self-sufficiency.


Nia Williams

Nia B. Williams is the Board of Directors Secretary at Giving On Another Level, and one of the founding members. Nia’s duties as the secretary play a crucial role in fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of organizational records, all tasks she has mastered as an experienced litigation paralegal.

Nia is a native Virginian and has volunteered with several organizations in the community since she was a child. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from The University of Maryland University College with a focus in political science.

Nia developed her passion for improving her community after witnessing immediate family struggle with poverty, drug abuse and under-education that lead to homelessness, near homelessness and even jail time.  This experience gave her a deep desire to want to empower and encourage individuals to improve the quality of their life and build self-sufficiency; one mission at a time.


Sherita Simpson

Sherita Simpson, Founding Member and Member of the Board of Directors for G.O.A.L., is one who knows the struggles that can come with life. She grew up a ward of the state to her Grandparents and multiple family members. Throughout her early childhood years, there was always an unfulfilled need.  As a women of faith, Mrs. Simpson’s unwavering desire to be a vessel of love and solicitude has made her a lifelong steward. She is servicing others by volunteering at a multitude of diverse community-based programs. With hard work and perseverance, she has conquered the obstacles put before her, she has beaten all the odds against her. Mrs. Simpson has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Virginia State University and an MBA in Human Resources from Strayer University. Mrs. Simpson’s ability to galvanize and her desire to inspire, has implored her to become an active member of Giving On Another Level. Through her own life experiences she knows even the smallest of gifts can make a big difference to someone. A smile, a helping hand, a point to a vital resource, an ear to listen or a plan to move ahead can help beyond what some of us can understand.


Nikkita Manns

Nikkita Manns , Treasurer for Giving On Another Level and also a founding member. She is proud to serve her community any way she can. She holds a Business Administration Bachelor's Degree from Old Dominion University and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from George Mason University. As a resident of the Prince William County area for the past 10 yrs, she has witnessed the struggle of many residents who have lost jobs, homes, family members, and hope after the recession. Her passion for those in need has deepened with realization that more and more children are being affected in the Prince William County area. As an advocate of financial literacy, she believes that everyone should be given the financial knowledge to self-determine their future within the changing economic climate. She knows with the proper guidance we can help others to find the available resources and support that is available to them to make it through these hard times. Nikkita is dedicated to making a difference. 


Crystal Hogan

Crystal Hogan is a founding member of Giving On Another Level and serves on the Board of Directors as a Member-At-Large.  Crystal also serves as the Director of Communication, she is responsible for the management and implementation of the Foundation website, and social media presence. Crystal was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area. She was raised in a situation too common to an overwhelming number of people; just not having enough. Crystal set goals at a young age, to one day have enough to share and help others any way she could. Crystal has worked in Child Care, Retail, Food Service, and now in the IT industry. Having the experience from her three previous work fields she was able to understand the need for service at all levels. Crystal is currently employed at a company that provides behavioral health services to children and adults. The work she is witnessing now has brought the need of providing services full circle. 

Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott, Assistant Secretary for G.O.A.L.; also a founding member, was born one of five children in Manhattan, New York. She was moved and raised in Manassas, VA where she has resided for most of her life. Melissa has always been an advocate for those less fortunate and started volunteering at the young age of nine. Her first volunteer experience was in the local homeless shelter where her mother worked. In 2006, Melissa was certified as a Medical Assistant and worked for a local Pediatrician but has since changed career paths to  work in Restaurant Management.  Melissa gives her heart to help with efforts of G.O.A.L. she continues her passion from childhood to work in the community with the homeless. Her favorite quote "We make a living by what we get; but we make a life, by what we give" -Winston Churchill


Keysha Washington

Keysha Washington is a member of the Board of Directors at Giving On Another Level.  Her broad membership role and extensive executive management background will allow her to help with all facets of the organization; from crunching numbers to fundraising and event planning, she has done it all in her extensive background in operations management over the years.  Keysha has been working with Non- profit organizations for the last 15 years and she understands the importance of these organizations and the critical role that they play in assisting others all while helping to further build upon its purpose and carrying out their mission.  Keysha is currently a Vice President for a company that provides small business loans to merchants all over the United Stated and although they are not a nonprofit company, the main reason that she started working for the company was because she strongly believed in their mission of helping small business owners grow their businesses in a fair manner.  Keysha has also been volunteering her time with local food pantries, area schools, and other area organizations that cater to the local homeless community for several years now.  She has a very strong desire and passion in continuously helping the underserved population improve upon their lives and helping them to become productive members of their communities.  Keysha feels that no person should be left behind in life’s mission and has made it her own personal motivation to live each day by helping and giving to others.